• Tribute Samples

    Selected Samples from the Resources Section of the "How to Create Tribute Videos" book by Brien Lee

    A fun video segment updating a previous video with a video "motion" segment (as opposed to stills) of the subject's growing family (her daughters).

    A moving tribute to the patrons and owners of a beloved New York City bar in the CHelsea neighborhood. DIrected by Dennis Lee.

    Birthday Tribute to David Harnish, longtime Manager of the Media and Media Department of Walgreens, and impresario of the company's 10,000 attendee managers meetings.

    An interesting use of public domain footage to help illustrate the lives of 90 year old plus parents and their children.

    Kickoff video to a live stage play celebrating UL's 100th Anniversary.

    The founders of Generac, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kern, were retiring, and this video was created for their retirement dinner to celebrate their impact on the company and it's employees as well as the community at large.

    Dennis Lee produced this stirring tribute to our armed forces and introduction to the unveiling of the Matamoras Veterans' Memorial park and it's interactive exhibits. Features remarkable interviews with war veterans and the impact war had on them (and the country).

    For it's 50th Anniversary, Mercury Marine commissioned this historical overview of the company, it's founder, and it's products. Features a wide range of historical footage from Mercury's archives.

    A personal tribute story of a wonderful woman who was a mother, great grandmother, aunt, wife, and step-mother.

    Cafe Verde operated in Phillipsburg, NJ for five years, offering a unique blend of fresh foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While this was created as a promotional video, it really is a tribute to the Cafe's owners, Armando and Michelle Garcia.

    Produced as a video "module" for use during a large sales meeting, this video is a tribute to the American spirit and the american people. Produced for Walgreen Company.

    One of my first tributes, crafted from my father's slide collection plus some film footage to celebrate my sister's engagement in the mid-1970s. Fun use of a recording of a family sing along from the 60's.

    As much a genealogical view of an extended family as it is a Tribute to Winney Mooney, tracing the roots of the Reilly family and Winnie's subsequent marriage, motherhood, and work life.

    It is that exactly: a 100 Year history of the Walgreen COmpany in 100 seconds-- a faced-paced montage of corporate highlights and public impact devised by Amy Hansmann and Dan Ramsey.

    Making something from nothing: A pile of old pictures and a yearbook were the sources for what turned out to be a comprehensive of the high school years of the Irvington, NJ class of 1985.

    MORE TO COME.....

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