• Tribute Videos: Tell the Life Stories of Coworkers and Loved Ones. Make it a Hobby, or a Profession. Here's How.

    Turn Slide, Prints and Videos into Stories.


    For years, we've been doing just that, for corporations, families and friends. As part of a comprehensive 40-year professional video production career, we produced all kinds of videos, but the ones we loved doing most were the "Tribute", Legacy", and "Special Event" videos. These celebrated events, triumphs, anniversaries, occasions and most importantly, people. The most satisfaction was found in producing these stories for my own family members. Senior birthdays, wedding stories, memorials and reunions. Often I been asked, "How do you do all that? I wish I could!"


    You can. To see what you could be making, click the play button

  • We want to share everything we know about moving audiences to tears, to laughter, to applause, and to standing ovations. 

    The kind of work you could be doing emotional rewards for your audience. For you, there will be great satisfaction, pride, and if you wish, financial reward.


    You can turn slides, photos, films, old videos, interviews and newspaper clippings into lasting biographies and memorials that entertain, inspire, commemorate, and endure. All you need is the storytelling techniques, tools, and teachers.


    It all starts with a story...a life, a career, an event, a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, a dedication. Knowing how to research, gather elements, structure that story and outline it is the basis for all great video production. But tributes are special. There are special techniques that help bring life stories to life that are usually reserrved for the Ken Burnses of the world. Not now! We bring you these techniques and specialized knowledge.


    Scanners, cameras, microphones, mixers, editing software, outlining tools, planning tools, lighting, time lapse techniques, and more-- these are but a sampling of the tools that you'll need (well, at least some of them) to pull off your great video tribute. We'll cover them all, review them and suggest the best and where to get them.


    Smart folks aren't afraid to learn from those who have gone before. Our teachers have a combine 50 plus years in Tribute, corporate and documentary production, with work featured on PBS, HBO, and throughout the major meeting venues from coast to coast. We are communicators who like to teach and share, whether in our forums, our hands-on classes, or our on-line seminars, tutorials, and e-books. Prepare to learn, and even to earn!

  • Big Screen, Small Screen. Any Screen.

    From the Web to the Arena.

    Big Screen Impact

    Nothing is more dramatic than nostalgic pictures and video matched to emotional, memorable music. The memories flow, the pulse quickens, the tears often flow. All from your efforts as the producer. Tribute Video Tips is dedicating to empowering you with the tools and techniques you need to make this all possible, whether as a hobby or a career.

    Or Small Screen Intimacy

    Your production efforts will have a major ongoing impact and audience even after the event is over. Whether on iPads, tablets, smart phones, Roku's, AppleTV's, or other connected devices, your family friends and coworkers (and the world for that matter) can see your work on demand, anytime, anywhere streaming on the web.

    Our Ebook or Paperback Can be Purchased Now!

    Our ebook offers insight into what makes a Tribute video great, how to construct the story, and what tools to use. It's a readable, personal journey into why we love Tribute videos, how they can be used, and how to make them shine! If you love the sound of applause-- or the feel of money-- this book is for you. Free for Amazon Prime users. Click here!

  • About Us.

    Been there, done that, bought the domain name.


    It starts with the audience, and what you want them to do. In the case of tributes, that means feeling something... strongly enough to laugh, cry, empathise, and leave loving the people they saw on-screen. Tribute videos today are a combination ideas, research, gathering or creating materials, soundtracks, editing, and presentation.


    We spent forty years in the business, moving chameleon-like from medium to medium. Whether it was giant slide shows, multi-projector video, interactive discs and DVD's, web video, or good old VHS, we were there and have the awards, clients, and achievements to prove it. This is the basis for what we want to present on the web and in seminars.


    We aim to teach you all the basics, creating for you a foundation. These are the philosophies, methods, and techniques that the pro's use. These can be built on, with the ever changing knowledge of the marketplace, the media, and the ever-shifting tools of creation, acquisition, editing and presenting.


    From retirement dinners, to reunions, to engagements, to anniversaries, a great video will tell the honoree's story, create great emotion, and make a memory-- a focal point at the event, and a permanent record available to all. Your client will get the applause. But you get the credit, and depending on your goals, get paid as well.

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